RUN311 for NEPAL

ネパール大地震支援募金 RUNイベント
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2015年5月23日(土)~ 6月7日(日) 16日間

1. まずは下記のFacebookイベントページで、参加を表明してください。

2. できれば、こちらのPeatixの特設ページで、募金へのご協力をお願いします。

3: 開催期間中(5月23日〜6月7日)の間であればいつでもどこでも、ネパールを想って走ったり・歩ったりしてください。(自転車など自力走行ならなんでもOK)



イトナブ石巻 http://itnav.jp/about.html



A devastating earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th and has taken the lives of over 7000 people, with the death toll still rising. Thousands of people have been displaced and are awaiting international aid for basic necessities. We, Run311, are a community that came into being in the aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake and the disasters which followed. In the wake of the earthquake in Nepal, we are reminded of the human conditions we saw in the Tohoku region that fateful day in 2011. It is time for us now to offer whatever help we can. Over 8,000 people, all over the globe, have joined us so far in remembering and supporting causes that have affected the lives of many people. We invite you to join us in helping the people of Nepal.

■Holding period

The event will take place from May 23rd to June 7th, 2015.

■How to participate

1) First, indicate your participation through the following Facebook event page.


2)Although option, we are asking for a donation towards the relief efforts in Nepal. Please submit your donations in this page.

3)You can run, walk, or bike, in remembrance of the victims of the Nepal earthquake, at any time and in any place during the event period. During the run, feel free to take pictures of yourself and your environs and post on our Facebook page. Once your run is complete, please use the Run311 app to take a final picture with yourself in it, and post it on this page or and/or on our Facebook page. We will inform you in detail about the apps in near days.

■ Sharing

To our dear participants: We hope you will share this information within your networks.

■ Organizers

Host: Itonabu Ishinomaki: http://itnav.jp/about.html

Executive committee:

-- Furuyama Takayuki http://www.facebook.com/takayuki.furuyama

-- Shimawaki Yu https://www.facebook.com/yu.shimawaki

-- Kurashige Yoshihiro http://www.facebook.com/yoshihiro.kurashige

We are looking forward to seeing new members and organizations to help support this event. Likewise, if you have new ideas or even if you are already a member, we would like to hear from you.

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May 23 - Jun 7, 2015
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